Womens Fitness class in Coimbatore


Womens Fitness Centre in Coimbatore

Where it all started

Zumba began in the 90s in Colombia by a dancer named Alberto Perez. The way how it came into existence was accidental. As Perez was teaching aerobics and due to forgetting his usual music, he conducted the class using tapes and salsa. People were intrigued by this new form of exercise it gained more attention. Coming back to the present time Zumba has grown into a major form for fitness since it does not replicate a traditional workout session and keeps the people more involved.

Growth in popularity for Zumba

Since it was not as threatening as a treadmill or of a gym Zumba gained its audience among moms, the fun way of exercise mindset of people also influenced much to its growth.

Womens Fitness Centre in Coimbatore
Womens Fitness Centre in Coimbatore

Need for Zumba in Today’s World

Currently, due to unhealthy food habits and stressful life at work and home, Zumba is a great fitness regime for women as it benefits them in many aspects. Zumba is the ultimate fat burning engine helping a woman in her weight-loss journey immensely by burning a whopping 600 to 800 calories and sometimes even 1000 calories in an hour class and with an added incentive of not only increasing cardio strength and endurance but also immensely increasing muscular endurance making them superwoman in the truest sense.

Hormones called endorphins are released as we groove to high energetic songs during Zumba class which naturally makes it a stress buster and relieving the ladies of the aches and pains of the body after a hard day’s work at the office desk or running around the kids. One of the most amazing benefits is that every woman becomes the torchbearer for their families and encouraging them to lead a life of good health and better fitness.