Healthy Weight Loss

If you are someone who is getting into fitness for the first time it can be a tad difficult and daunting to begin. Divya’s Feminine Fitness is a leading business in women’s fitness in Coimbatore and we are here to make this journey in fitness as easy and seamless as possible for you. 

With numerous fitness regimes available on the internet for weight loss, people can face a dilemma in following them in the right way. Our qualified trainers design exercise, workout and health tips that suit you the best way to get the desired results. Trainers in our lady’s gym provide you tips to lose weight and guide you in an effective manner with personal training. Over the years Divya’s Feminine Fitness has helped our clients get consistent results through our weight loss program. Our program is regarded as the best result-oriented regime at gyms in Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore.

Asides from fitness classes we have rounded up some of the most frequently asked fitness questions by beginners. These are some tips for your body fitness that will help you navigate in this journey and stay consistent in your routine and achieve the fitness that you are looking for.

How many times should I work out each week?

It can often be seen often when an individual begins their body fitness, they try to perform a lot in a shorter period of time. This method does not benefit your fitness in the slightest manner. During the initial stages aim for 3-5 workouts per week for the first 30 days. Each workout session should last from 20-60 minutes depending on your fitness regime. The workout session can be added once you get the hang of

When one has to workout ?

Planning your fitness regime around your personal schedule is more preferred. Gym workout’s during morning is highly beneficial as it can keep you active throughout the day. If you can plan a routine that can best suit both your professional and personal life weight loss can be achieved more effectively.

Can I eat before or after a workout?

Maintain a healthy and balanced meal 1-3 hours before exercise. Your diet must include protein, carbohydrates and good intake of water. In Divya Feminine Fitness you are carefully guided on the amount of nutrients you should intake on a daily basis. You should eat after you exercise to replenish the energy that you lost. Shakes or snacks like fruits and veggies, as well as meals packed with protein and healthy carbs, are also a good idea.

Should I lift heavy weights? What if I don’t want to get bulky?

Trainers generally say to lift as much weight as you can to complete your sets without over-exerting yourself. If you’re a woman worried about “bulking up,” don’t be. Women’s bodies are genetically differ from men’s bodies and so when you take weights women tend to get leaner and they do not get bigger muscles like men.

Will cardio or strength training make you lose more weight ?

Like most things in life, it’s all about balance. Cardio improves your stamina and your cardiovascular system. You also burn more calories when you’re doing cardio routines. Divya Feminine Fitness organizes workout classes for women in which they offer physiotherapy treatment, zumba, beledi, cross fit, floor based workouts, resistance training, plyometrics, pre and post natal exercise. Besides this there are also kids' fitness and outdoor fitness classes for your children to have a healthy life.